Payments to Brazil

Customized Foreign Exchange and Payment Services

In 2014, we started our foreign exchange activities in Brazil, initially to meet the payment needs of our own global payment platform. Today, Banco de Câmbio with its branches in São Paulo, Campinas and Porto Alegre, helps corporates to make and receive payments from abroad in a fast and efficient way – from just a spot exchange remittance, in any currency and amount, to more complex transactions.

Our Offering

  • Payments for services and imports
  • Invoices for exports of goods and services
  • Capital injection
  • Intercompany loans
  • Margin calls or invoices
  • Dividends

Your Advantages when Making Payments to Brazil

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1. MARKET EXPERTISE SINCE 2005 (Banco de Câmbio)

With a presence in Brazil since 2005, StoneX do Brazil has been a pioneer in risk management focused on the Brazilian agribusiness industry. In 2014, we began our foreign exchange operations. StoneX has offices and professionals around the country to provide our clients with the expertise and long proven business opportunities on exchange and commodities risk management. We also have our own trading desk (Foreign Exchange, since 2014, and DTVM, since 2015) and a Market Intelligence department.

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Corporates and Organizations have the option to fund their international business activities & programs in local currency instead of hard currency. By choosing to execute their international payments in local currency, they can participate in the conversion process and ensure that their payments are executed at a competitive, transparent rate with all costs known upfront.

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We enable our clients to make payments out of Brazil to their parent company in Europe, for instance, or to any other country. By completing the necessary onboarding process, our clients can get access to all of Banco de Câmbio’s wide array of products and services.


With the large volume of operations currently carried out due to our Global Payments Division abroad, we are able to provide highly competitive market rates to our clients, with excellent levels of exchange rates, both in receipt and payments.


Customized and exclusive service, document analysis, operating framework and tax calculation. Easy communication with our professionals, without a call center.


Receive notifications for payment orders instantly. Agility and communication ease with those involved in the process both in Brazil and abroad

5 Steps on How to Make a Payment to Brazil

1 Onboarding / Account opening

Register on our site – with your company data and a contact person from your side.

2 Registration of the beneficiary

Provide us with your beneficiary's contact information and our on-site team will contact them to complete the CADASTRO process.

3 Payment submission

Trigger payment in BRL through our platform and always keep costs under control.

4 Submission of supporting documents

Inform your beneficiary after the payment has been made, so that they can present the relevant evidence (e. g. receipts) to Banco di Câmbio accordingly.

5 Receipt of funds

After checking the documents, your beneficiary will receive the payment in BRL.

We look forward to supporting you and your business in Brazil!

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