International payments. Simplified.

StoneX Payments provides a fast, cost-efficient, and effortless way to move money around the world.

Send money worldwide

Make cross-border and multi-currency payments in a few simple clicks.

Integrate with ease

Connect to our international payment network using a range of connectivity options.

Gain peace of mind

Know you’re in safe hands by partnering with an internationally regulated payments specialist.

Why choose StoneX Payments?

StoneX Payments provides competitively priced, transparent, and highly scalable payment solutions for businesses, financial institutions, and international development organizations worldwide.

Competitive rates

Protect your bottom line by finding the best FX rates through our trusted network of correspondent banks.


Avoid unexpected fees because all costs are known in advance of your international payments.

Global support

Receive a personalized customer experience across multiple time zones in most major languages.

Actionable insights

Access exclusive market news and analysis on cross-border payments and global foreign currencies.
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Experts in:

Experts in:

Transparent payments are designed to lower transaction fees and remove hidden charges. StoneX Payments aims to provide you with a more cost-effective option when sending money overseas so your funds go further.

Cross-border payment specialists for


International Development Organizations

We help charitable organizations, governments, and NGOs maximize donor funds so they can increase their impact.

Financial Institutions

We help financial institutions enhance their product offering by providing a white-labeled cross-border payment solution.


Our payment platform caters to businesses large and small, facilitating smoother international transactions and operations.

Educational Institutions

We provide comprehensive payment solutions for the education sector, enhancing global reach.

Interested in learning more?

If you have any queries, schedule a call with our team or take a look at our FAQ.